Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 15 Jeopardy!

For our last week this semester, we played Lord of the Rings Jeopardy!

We missed the Claridges, Corbin and Jared.

The teams were:
Team 1 Adam vs
Team 2 Noah, Emmalyn, Elliot and Katie.

They were pretty well matched, at 6600 and 6700 when we went into final Jeopardy.   My final Jeopardy question could have accepted Adam's answer, but we were pretty much out of time. Team 1 Adam wagered 6000, and Team 2 wagered 100.

It was this:

Answer:  It is what Tolkien says that this tale is mainly concerned with.

Question:  What is death and immortality?

I got it from this quote:  
                                "But I should say, if asked, the tale is not really about Power and Dominion: that only sets the wheels going; it is about Death and the desire for deathlessness. Which is hardly more than to say it is a tale written by a Man!" “It is mainly concerned with Death, and Immortality; and the 'escapes': serial longevity, and hoarding memory." 

Adam gave the answer of "What is the Catholic Bible?" Based on the earlier quote I've posted twice before about the LOTR being a Catholic work, unconsciously at first, and consciously in the revision. .  
Team 2 gave "Good vs Evil" 
Good answer, that is a huge theme of the series.  

At the end of class, I called the game a tie because I felt I could accept Adam's answer. But if I really accepted it, Adam would win with 12,600...  I wouldn't correct him if he said he won.  ;)   

Friday, January 13, 2017

Week 12, 13 and 14

I was gone for week 12, but Teacher Lisa lead the discussion on The Return of the King.  They talked about how Aragorn grew as a leader, and why Tolkien had the Scourging of the Shire at the end.  (Very different from the movie ending.)

I have been looking forward to week 13 all semester!  I was so excited to cover the Christian archetypes and symbolism in the LOTR. While Tolkien said he hated allegory, he filled the books with Catholic, and also universal Christian themes, motifs, symbols and archetypes.  Remember this quote from an earlier post?

"The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work, unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision. That is why I have not put in, or have cut out, practically all references to anything like "religion", to cults or practices, in the Imaginary world. For the religious element is absorbed into the story and the symbolism."
There are 4 or 5 Christ archetypes.  Three in the Prophet, Priest and King, Gandalf, Frodo and Aragorn respectively. They all sacrifice everything, walk through a valley of shadow and death, and go through a symbolic death and resurrection.  All three are known by more than one name.

Gandalf, like a prophet, warns, mentors and helps. Frodo dedicates his life to service.  Aragorn is the long looked for king that returns with incredible powers of healing.  They are all compassionate and merciful.

Frodo receives a wound in is side on Weathertop.

Tom Bombidil isn't a significant Christ archetype, but breaks down the walls and sets prisoner free twice with song.

Sam is Christ as a faithful and loyal servant. He is also like Simon who carried the cross when Christ stumbled and fell.   Sam is the meek that inherits the earth (Shire).

There are three Satan archetypes, the balrog, the Witch King and Sauron. Gollum and Saruman play a Judas Iscariot archetype.  Smeagol is also a Cain archetype and also represents mankind enslaved to sin.  The Mouth of Sauron is an Anti-Christ archetype.

Lembas bread and Ent drafts are like communion, or the sacrament.

Arwen, as the bride of Aragorn is like the Church at the second coming. Eowyn is like the Church, victoriously fighting against the powers of Satan.

Boromir is like Sampson.  He was the hope of a nation, who won many battle and then falls hard.  He is redeemed in the end before he dies.

Faramir is like John the Baptist.  He is the Steward that prepares the way for the King to enter His city.

Theoden is mankind who serves humbly and faithful to the end.

Denethor is mankind deceived through Pride and fails in the end.

Elves are like angel and orcs, as fallen elves, are like fallen angels or demons.

The Nazgul and the Army of the Dead are inbetween life and death and in a kind of Purgatory.

Galadriel and Celeborn are like Mary and Joseph.  She is kind, helpful and full of life giving advice.  Her husband isn't as notable as she is.

The water in Lothlorien is like the Living Water.

Lothlorien is like a Garden of Eden

Numenor is like a Tower of Babel or Old Jerusalem.

Minis Tirith is Jerusalem and then the new Jerusalem.

The battle of Pelanor Fields is like Armageddon and the battle at the Black Gate is like the final battle.

Sailing out of the Gray Havens is like translation.

Last of all, the ring represents sin.  Frodo carried it to the fires of Mt Doom to destroyed it on a significant day in the Catholic faith, March 25, the Feast of Annunciation.

For Week 14 we had an awesome simulation.  I was impressed at the leadership that was shown and the insight that these students showed about the ploys the Adversary uses.  Great job everyone!

Our last week we will be playing Jeopardy, so brush up on your Lord of the Rings trivia!!